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Water and Flood

  • Flood Restoration

  • Flood Damage Cleaning

  • Flood Damage Repair

  • Sewage Cleaning Service

  • Mould Remediation Services

  • Leak Detection & Repair

Drying Solutions

  • Suction Drying

  • Floor Joist Drying

  • Pressure Drying

  • Plastic Enclosure Drying

  • Construction Drying

  • Room Dehumidification

Fire & Smoke

  • Fire Restoration

  • Fire Damage Cleanup

  • Fire and Water Damage Cleanup

  • Smoke Damage Repair Services


  • Ambulance and Vehicle Cleaning 

  • Prison Cell Cleaning

  • Air and Surface Decontamination


  • Bird Dropping Removal and Cleaning Service

  • Drug and Meth Lab Cleaning

  • Squatter Cleanup

  • Hoarder Cleanup


  • Trauma Cleaning

  • Undiscovered Death Cleaning

  • Road Traffic Accident Cleanup

  • Forensic Cleaning

  • Experienced Crime Scene Cleaners

At Eco we use the most efficacious decontamination product on the market which is not only non-  hazardous, Bio degradable and has zero impact on the earth and will totally decontaminate leaving a residual barrier.

We can neutralise the following:

  • Pathogens

  • VOC's (Volatile organic compounds)

  • Carcinogens 

  • Bodily fluids

  • Acids


Eco undertake disinfection and sterilisation from pathogens, Biological Hazards and super bugs such as MRSA/Swine & Bird Flu/Legionella, Bacterium, Viruses or other Microorganisms and contamination hazards that can cause disease and other infections in;


  • Plants, Factories and manufacturing facilities

  • Defence and Military Environments 

  • Pharmaceutical environments 

  • Road, Rail and Aero Services

  • Hospital and Healthcare

  • Education Centres

  • Food Processing 

  • Laboratories

  • Agricultural

  • Biosecurity

  • Hospitality

Using very safe tried and tested solutions and special controls and procedures with post ATP testing to prove success, including independent laboratory analysis where required.


What if we need more than just a deep clean?

Eco Cleanse can successfully eliminate airborne and surface contamination of pathogens and superbugs to a log 7 level or greater using specialist cleaning procedures and vapour and electro static vapour fogging equipment.

We use major independent UKAS laboratories to prove and validate our post cleaning and decontamination results on equipment, surfaces, enclosures, and controlled environments. We currently work for major world class customers in the UK and Europe.


Our applicator chemicals used for decontaminating and sterilisation are converting to none hazardous and environmentally friendly solutions. These solutions will be less hazardous to the environment and the end user and will be more efficient than traditional chemicals, while dramatically improve down times for areas and systems.

Eco will always give you the most cost effective and technically sound solution.


For any decommissioning work requirement you may have in any area of your business. We keep things simple, and we put your needs first!

Wether it be an oil spill, airborne mould remediation or any other requirement contact us for a FREE no obligation consultation on: 

0800 193 07 27.